Program concept

New Economic Thinking: Bangladesh 2030 and Beyond
“A constructive discourse on socio-economic prospects, challenges and the way forward”
Venue: Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden, December 21, 2016


Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) is going to hold an International Visionary Seminar titled ‘New Economic Thinking : Bangladesh 2030 and Beyond’. The event will take place in Dhaka at Radisson Hotel on December 21, 2016.

Honorable Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina has given her kind consent to be the Chief Guest on the occasion.


This day-long event will be a gathering of “thoughtful and innovative doers” from around the world who are expected to share their perceptions on practical solutions for sustainable development through global innovative efforts.

We will focus exclusively on one of the most important development challenges of our time: how do we behold the future possibilities of Bangladesh vis-à-vis other regional and global economies and ways to counter the obstacles in our economic advancement. Our vision is ambitious, which is to reshape the path of economic growth.

Economic Scenario of Bangladesh

While the world economic growth is hovering around 3.0 to 3.5 per cent (1.5 per cent growth by Europe, 2.4 percent by USA, 3.4 per cent by Sub-Saharan economies and around 5 percent by Asian economies, marking a sluggish leaning), Bangladesh has managed a steady ascending curve over the last two decades which now stands at 7.11%.


Economists forecast that Bangladesh will graduate to Middle Income Country by 2021 featured by 8 percent GDP, 34 percent private investment, and 31 percent industrial growth. It could be the 30th largest economy by 2030 having double digit economic growth, $ 6000 Per Capita Income and is likely to join the developed economies club by 2041 attributed by graduation to High Income Country with GNI per capita of $12600, $2.5 trillion GDP, 7.60 Percent GDP Growth achievement propelling a glorious paradigm shift from the conventional economy.

International Conference on ‘New Economic Thinking: Bangladesh 2030 and Beyond’

“A constructive discourse on socio-economic prospects, challenges and the way forward”

Inaugural Session

10:30 AM - 12:10 PM : Inaugural Session: Grand Ball Room
12.15 PM to 1.45 PM : Session-1

Session-1: Bangladesh’s Energy Economy

01:45 PM – 02:15 PM : Prayer & Lunch Break
02.15 PM – 04.15 PM : Session-2 (Parallel)

Session-2: Water and land resource management, sustainability and environment impact

2.15 PM – 4.15 PM : Session-3 (Parallel)

Session-3: Era of Infrastructure: Bangladesh Context

04:15 PM – 04:45 PM : Tea / Coffee Break
4.45 PM – 6.45 PM : Session-4 (Parallel)

Session-4: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030

4.45 PM – 6.45 PM : Session-5 (Parallel)

Session-5: The Next Billion Dollar opportunities in Bangladesh

06:45 PM – 07:15 Pm : Tea/Coffee Break

Session (CONCLUDING PLENARY): New Economic Thinking: Charting the way forward

8.40 PM – 09:00 PM : Dinner

Inaugural Session

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How to secure energy for next 100 years? How will an energy revolution revitalize Bangladesh’s economy? Progress of discovery, conservation and economic use of sources of energy. Regional energy security collaboration; boosting energy-driven productivity.

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Saving rivers, reservoir and land; what constitutes water management? Water allocation; river basin planning, siltation, land protection and land recovery, pollution control, monitoring, economic, financial and information management. Alterations in the hydrologic regime due to global climatic, demographic and economic changes have serious consequences for people and the environment

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Asia-Pacific infrastructure spending will likely approach $5 trillion by 2025. How are new infrastructure initiatives and mega projects shaping regional and global growth? Bangladesh’s national priorities are imperative for a strong infrastructure; opportunities for public-private collaboration towards a strong rail, road and water communication system, national and regional connectivity. Ways of development through fiscal and monetary policy for promoting New Entrepreneurship, Friendly Banking and capital market for New Investment and Industrialization.

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Bangladesh, a role model of MDG success and a SDG frontier, needs potential private sector led roadmap to steer inclusive socio-economic advancement for achieving SDG 2030 for global paradigm shift. Discussion will focus on pressing challenges, key issues in industry, business and potential sustainability roles, path way for private sector to improve the current socioeconomic scenario facilitating SDG achievement.

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Our highly potential import-substitute and export oriented manufacturing and service industry sectors open up enormous inbound Billion Dollar Investment opportunities. This session will focus on promotional presentations from industry leaders and detailed discussions on eight thrust sectors having immediate Billion Dollar Investment opportunities.

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In this concluding session the summarized salient features of the day long deliberations held at different sessions will be highlighted and discussed. The day will wind up with an Outcome Declaration containing a roadmap drawn from these thoughtful deliberations.

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Dr. Jeffrey David Sachs
Professor, Columbia University. USA
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Mr. Lim Siong Guan
Group President, GIC, Singapore
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Mr. Anders Hasselager
Senior Project Manager, Gate 21
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Mr. Jean Claude Seropian
Director, Suez Bangladesh.
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Professor Dr. Shafiqul Islam
Director, Water Diplomacy Program Truft University, USA.
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Mr. Rémy Prud'homme
Emeritus Professor, University of Paris XII.
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Mr. Joseph A DiVanna
Managing Director, Maris Strategies Ltd.
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Mr. Daniel Ciganovic
Business Development Director,ME SOLshare Ltd., Bangladesh.
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Mr. Daan Roosegaarde
Artist, Innovator Founder, Studio Roosegaarde,Netherlands.
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Mr.Taku Yamabe
Senior Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency.
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Dr. Boudewijn Jansen
Port Expert, Senior Advisor (Rebel Group),Netherlands.
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Dr. Firdaus Ali
Advisor, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia.
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Dr. Bjørn Lomborg
President, Copenhagen Consensus Center,Denmark.
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Ms. Wendy Jo Werner
Country Manager, Bangladesh Bhutan & Nepal, IFC, WBG.
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Dr.Gerhard van den Top
Chairman of the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht (AGV) Regional Water Authority, Netherlands.
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Mr. Wei Xiaojun
Chief Representative, China Railway International Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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