RnI Bangladesh Foundation
Industry and academia tie on economic and industry affairs needs deeper collaboration in Bangladesh due to rapid economic changes and address the emerging challenges of globalized economies and trade. Though various research works are being conducted at different levels, there are still huge gap of coordination between academia and industry resulting in low degree of focus on industry demand driven research. In order to forge stronger collaboration between industry and academia to address real life industrial and economic needs, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) is in the process of constituting an independent entity-‘RnI Bangladesh Foundation’. Rni Bangladesh, the pioneer platform in Bangladesh, will engage business leaders, academia, sector experts and policy makers to unveil new and improved way of thinking to transform Bangladesh into a Knowledge based Economy in line with the economic visions of the Government. It will help to bridge the research gap, understanding among the private and public stakeholders resulting into the industry and economy centric research approaches and new learning within the country.

Objectives of RnI Bangladesh Foundation

  • To ensure research based economic and business policies in Bangladesh.
  • To make detailed policy research relating to trade, industry, agriculture, social and economic development avenues.
  • To promote excellence in policy research to facilitate learning in development solutions especially in priority areas of development related to social and private sector welfare.
  • To analyses the macro-economic indicators including trade, investment, industry, financial sector, technology and social issues.
  • To develop various economic reports on quarterly/periodic performance of the economy.
  • To conduct sector specific reports for the private sector from time to time including regional business trade and investment development analysis.
  • To do research for private sector challenges and aspects as and when needed.
  • To create database for research work to support private sector.
  • To support innovation through dissemination of knowhow to the relevant players.
  • To conduct training and capacity building programs and promote the application of cutting edge research techniques and appropriate methodologies in social sciences to develop human and institutional capacities within the government and in other institutions;
  • To implement projects and programs to benefit the, economy, industry and society.
  • To collaborate with universities, academia, industry, policy makers and other research organizations (local and international) to fertilize industry and socio-economic driven research and science.

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