Benefit of being a Member

The desired economic growth is stimulated and encouraged through the professional services of the DCCI, serving its entire range of members with advocacy representation, services and contacts.


  1. Country of Origin (CO)
  2. Document Attestation
  3. B2B Match Making
  4. Visa Recommendation Letter
  5. Access to Trade Information
  6. Access to B2B Portal
  7. BIDA's OSS
  8. Facilitating International Arbitration
  9. Facilitate access to finance
  10. Policy Advocacy Role through Standing Committees
  11. Trade Delegation Abroad
  12. Webinars/Seminars
  13. Tender/Eol Docs Enriched Library
  14. Professional Courses at DCCI Business Institute (DBI)
  15. Trainings / workshops
  16. Digital Validation Certificate
  17. Information Consultancy
  18. DCCI REVIEW (Monthly Magazine)
  19. RJSC Help Desk

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