Certificate of Origin (CO) Enrollment Process:

  • Registration to DCCI Membership Online Service (MOS)
  • Log in to the MOS portal
  • Fill up the Certificate of Origin (CO) Form for Consignor.
  • Attach all the documents mentioned in the checklist of documents:

The following documents should be enclosed with the Application Form:

  • • Invoice, Export
  • • L/C/T.T/Cont/P.I.
  • Fees/Payment can be paid online or offline through DCCI designated payment channels
  • Two type of Payment Method (Offline or Online Channel)
  • • Download the Deposit Slip (PDF) and the CO Application Form (PDF) and paid to Bank for Offline
  • • Download the CO Application Form (PDF) and Online payment Slip from your mail for Online
  • Upon receiving the complete documents, the membership department of DCCI will check the                    documents for verification. After verification, the CO application will be approved by the DCCI     Membership Approval.
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