Certificate of Origin (CO) Enrollment Process:

  • 1. Registration to DCCI Membership Online Service (MOS) for the first time user (if you're registered then        ignore this step).
  • 2. Log in to the MOS portal (https://membership.dhakachamber.com)
  • 3. Fill up the E-Certificate of Origin (CO) Form.
  • 4. Attach all the documents mentioned in the checklist given below:

List of Attached Documents:

  • • Commercial Invoice
  • • Export Form
  • • L/C/T.T/Cont/P.I.
  • • Packing List.
  • 5. CO Fees can be paid On-line or Off-line through any of the DCCI’s payment options. (Mobile wallet,         Online banking, Debit/Credit card)
  • 6. Two type of Payment Method (Offline or Online Channel)
  • a. Those who want to make the payment off-line are requested to download the Deposit Slip (PDF)       from the website and pay the fees to the selected Bank. (The City Bank and Eastern Bank                Limited).
  • b. Those who paid online will get a system-generated online Payment Slip through Email.
  • 7. Upon receiving the complete documents, the concerned department of DCCI will check the documents     for verification. After verification, the CO will be approved by the concerned department of DCCI.

Certificate of Origin (CO) Fees:

SL Category DCCI Member DCCI Non Member
1 Certificate of Origin (Original) 100 150
2 Certificate of Origin (Copy) 50 75
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