DCCI-METABUILD 2-day International Clean Technology Fair kicks off

METABUILD, a project of DCCI funded by European Union in association with DCCI organized a 2-day "International Clean Technology Fair" at the Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB) kicks off today on 26 June, 2019. Chairman (Additional Secretary), Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) Md. Helal Uddin was present as chief guest. Member (Additional Secretary), SREDA Siddique Zobair was present as special guest. Senior Vice President Waqar Ahmad Choudhury and Vice President Imran Ahmed were also present on the occasion.


DCCI Senior Vice President Waqar Ahmad Choudhury in his welcome address said METABUILD project is working in 250 metal and steel industries to motivate them to use resource efficient cleaner production utilizing energy efficiency. Objective of this project is to reduce waste emission and increase resource efficiency in metal component SMEs from the building and construction sector. He also said that if we are able to ensure energy efficiency in our industries 25% of existing consumption can be saved.


Md. Helal Uddin said industries in our country started using sustainable technology. Government is formulating business friendly policies and do necessary policy to expedite sustainable technology. He said for ensuring energy security, we have to use cleaner sustainable technology in a planned manner. Through energy efficient technology, renewable energy, industrial waste management, metal industry process management, metering and data management cost of production can be reduced in industries. He also urged the entrepreneurs to invest for innovative technology. 


Siddique Zobair said SREDA is promoting energy efficiency in industries. He also said that development should be in a sustainable manner. Not only cost saving issues, energy efficiency is needed to fight against climate change issues as well. SREDA wants to work with the business community, he said.


Senior Technical Expert, METABUILD Rajat Batra said that this project is working in 250 industries here in Bangladesh. This project is also in operation in Sri Lanka and Nepal. He said industries consume heavy energy for its production, but there are more than 150 technology which can be used to reduce the consumption without hampering production.


DCCI Vice President Imran Ahmed gave vote of thanks.


DCCI Directors Kh. Rashedul Ahsan and Enamul Haque Patwary were also present on the occasion.

Published on: 2019-06-26

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