World Accreditation Day 2023

In FY2025-26 Bangladesh’s export target will be USD 100 billion. To attain this high export target accreditation, conformity assessment will play crucial role to maintain products quality and standard to be competitive in the international market, speakers told these at a discussion meeting held on the occasion of International Accreditation Day 2023 jointly organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) at DCCI auditorium on June 11, 2023.

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, MP was present on the occasion as the chief guest while Industries Secretary Zakia Sultana and DCCI President Barrister Md. Sameer Sattar were present as special guests. Director General (Additional Secretary) of BAB Md. Monwarul Islam chaired the discussion meeting.

Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, MP, Minister for Industries, Government of Bangladesh said that the motto of this year’s accreditation day is “Accreditation: Supporting the Future of Global Trade” which very timely selection. He said if we can maintain the quality of products and services, we can grab the international market easily. For the sake of the country and to create confidence on our products in the global competitive market, Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) is working relentlessly to create awareness. The accreditation system should be more effective especially for the development of those industries that are related to health, security, safety and environment. Accreditation is an integral part of world quality assurance system, he added. In order to increase export of our locally made products in the international market we need internationally accredited and credible national quality infrastructure, he opined. In this era of free economy, many countries impose various ‘technical barriers to trade’ to protect their respective products and most of those are related with quality certification. Therefore, accreditation is currently an important tool for creating a strong export market.

DCCI President Barrister Md. Sameer Sattar said that in the international market Bangladesh’s total trade was USD 141.42 billion. Bangladesh is gradually progressing to an export oriented country from import dependent country. In the last fiscal year, Bangladesh’s export was more than USD 52.08 billion. And for this export accreditation is very important tool. To show the quality of specific product, there is a need of internationally accredited certificate and these certificates play the pivotal role for boosting export, he said. After Bangladesh’s graduation from LDC in 2026, maintaining compliance of our locally produced goods will be a great challenge. And to face this challenge and meet the GSP+ and other compliance criteria, accreditation will play the vital role. He also said that for a sustainable economic growth Accreditation Board has to work hard in order to ensure standard and compliance. He hoped that accreditation will enhance efficiency in our industries as well as sustainability. Besides, he stressed on capacity building and quality infrastructure of all testing labs as well as Bangladesh Accreditation Board.

Secretary, Ministry of Industries Zakia Sultana said in order to secure the future trade there is no alternative of accreditation. She stressed on producing quality products and services to be competitive in the global market where taste and attitude of consumers are ever changing. Accredited labs are accepted in the international market and Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) has already accredited 124 institutions so far. She also informed that at present 21 Bangladeshi products need accreditation from India’s National Accreditation Board Limited (NABL) to enter into India. In this regard, she said that we have to enhance the capacity of BAB so that world-wide our accreditation can get easy acceptance. People are not still aware of why accreditation is so important, so we need to create mass awareness, she added. If we can have our laboratories accredited, our export will get a boost, she further said. BAB has recently started Halal Accreditation Scheme, she informed. She also said that the private sector of Bangladesh is very much resilient and active and they are leading our economy to its next level. She also said that this year our salt production and fertilizer production have achieved the target.

Director General (Additional Secretary) of Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) Md. Monwarul Islam said that the world is moving towards fourth industrial revolution; new technologies are coming one after another. In the global free market economy, with the ever changing dynamics of technological advancement there is no alternative of accreditation of products and services in order to compete with other economies. Accredited products or services can enter into any MRA or “Mutual Recognition Arrangement” country easily. At present Accreditation is not an auxiliary but it is now a must for world trade. BAB has taken initiative to get the membership of International Accreditation Forum (IAF), he informed.

Published on: 2023-06-11

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