Seminar Report on Bangladesh- A Great Potential for Energy Efficient Industry


Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in collaboration with Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) the DANIDA’s Energy Efficient Engagement (3E) programme organized a seminar on “Bangladesh  A Great Potential for Energy Efficient Industry”at Hotel Six Season, Gulshan, Dhaka. Mr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, ndc, Senior Secretary of Ministry of Industries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh graced the occasion as the Chief Guestwhile Ambassador of Denmark in Bangladesh H. E. Mikael Hemnity Winther was present as the special guest.

Mr. Hossain Khaled, President DCCI, moderated the open discussion session whereHumayun Rashid, Senior Vice President DCCI, K. Atique-e-Rabbani FCA, Vice President DCCI, R. Maksud Khan, DCCI’s former President, Salim Akhtar Khan, Director, Data Magfur, former Director, Md. Shoaib Chowdhury former Vice President DCCI, Kh. Rashedul Ahsan, Convenor, took part in the session and finally Rumi Saifullah, Director DCCI gave vote of thanks.

The following Recommendations have emerged in the Seminar:

Immediate Recommendations:

1.       To promote energy efficiency in industrial practice, a comprehensive and long-term national strategy for achieving efficient use of energy in energy-intensive industries needs to be designed.

2.       Provide incentive for Energy efficiency to ensure sustainable and economic development of Bangladesh.

3.       Formulate enforceable policy and action plans for solving nagging industrial energy crisis

4.       Use LPG for domestic uses can help divert 15-17 percent gas into industries.

5.       Establishment of solar energy electricity of rooftop, to provide surplus energy to national grid.


Mid-term Recommendations:

6.       Danish expertise can conduct trainings for the industrialists to ensure efficient use of energy.

7.       In-terms of energy efficiency, Denmark can share its technology with Bangladesh.

8.       Bangladesh can adopt new technology for ensuring energy efficiency along with reduction cost of doing business from DANIDA assistance.

9.       Adoption of policies to enhance energy efficiency at the same time lead to sustained economic growth and safeguarding the environment.

10.   To reduce the cost of production, coal, gas and electricity, energy efficiency should be ensured.

11.   Energy related authorities are needed to make policy guideline with regulatory framework for ensuring efficient use of energy.


Long-term Recommendations:

12.   Following Energy Efficient policy, a company can save 16 per cent of energy consumption.

13.   Energy  efficiency should follow as it can lower costs, support expansion without the need for more energy, and provide a green profile towards international buyers

14.   For the savior of energy and save total energy cost, National Energy Efficient policy should be introduced

15.   Bangladesh can make an arrangement for knowing experience from Denmark of which they are eager to share with Bangladesh to support its future and sustainable growth.

16.   Using water treatment plant, an industrialist can increase energy efficiency.

17.   Government can jointly make policy paper for ensuring efficient use of energy in industrial sector in collaboration with DCCI

18.    Bangladesh government can provide tax rebate for using energy efficient use and green industry.

19.   Alternative energy resources should be introduced like solar, wind and tide energy.


Published on: 2016-12-24

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